Yo i'm Nikita! I'm 17... 9 tattoos, 7 piercings:) you'll see what interests me looking at my blog! Currently living in the small town of Maesteg in South Wales, it blows. I track the tag "k4rmabitch".Pretty easy to get along with, don't be shy, i won't bite unless you're into that stuff, then i'll bite;)

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Anonymous: What would you do if you hugged a guy and you felt he had a hard on?

Not much unless it’s my boyfriend..

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Anonymous: No bunny outfit for Easter then? We loved your Xmas one ;D


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Every girl wants a guy to look at them like this, but the truthi s you’ll never see it happen, because they look at you when you’re not looking.

and then he’ll rape ur mom and impregnate her with the antichrist when ur not looking omg 


Andy Goldsworthy - Stone Line, 1980

Vintage Paradise

From my Pet.


Monami Frost